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Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow's Harvest

A Crop for the Future.

Gavic seeds is a Ugandan company that specializes in production of maize seed for commercial use.

Like many Ugandan players in the Agricultural sector, our client struggled with visibility, lack of brand appeal to the millenials, and needed to pivot away from brand confusion with a cleaner & more contemporary look.

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Strengthening Market Appeal and Sustainability.

We created a new brand manual for the client that would guide the calculated adjustments to the brand as opposed to a complete remake.

It was important that the brand retained its attachment to the grassroot level where our client sourced his maize seed from & to also emphasize the company’s collaboration with Uganda Prisons which was (is) a huge stakeholder in the project.

With the new brand & web design our team developed; our client was able to target and appeal more to “younger” farmers (consumers) who had previously overlooked the product.

The new progressive, yet still very much a nature centric look, highlights Gavic’s intention to remain appealing to the modern day farmer as the crop for the future.

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